Original White (Adult)
Original White (Adult)
Original White (Adult)
Original White (Adult)
Original White (Adult)

Original White (Adult)

Jump shoes for kids
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“American cult classics since the 1940’s”

Salt-Water sandals are coated in a water-resistant sealant with rust-proof hardware so fantastic for the beach and swimming, great to protect feet in water on uneven river or seabed...Perfect summer sandals for growing or grown-up feet! The Original Salt-Water was the first style to come out of Water Hoy’s factory in 1944!

Salt-Water Original sizing information:

This is what Salt-Water say…

“The Original Salt-Water sandal is very roomy. Fits comfortably wide. Before you put them on for the first time, stretch out the toe straps and gently bend the sole to ease. Best fitted with toes behind the stitch line.”

Salt-Water Original features:

  • Stitched rubber sole.
  • Water-resistant coating.
  • Plaited leather upper.
  • Waterproof.
  • Rust-proof buckle.
  • Can be hand-washed with gentle detergent.

Fitting Disclaimer:

We always like to point out the importance of coming into store to get your child’s feet expertly measured before buying online. If you have never worn anything from this brand before, it is even more important that you get them checked and fitted professionally.