Back To School 2020

Jump back to school

Our 'Back To School' selection of shoes has changed and been perfected over the years to try and make sure there is a wide choice of styles. On the whole, our kids school shoes are worn everyday, all day for 5 days a week, therefore it is so important that they are supportive, comfy and practical for the things they get up to during the school day. Some children walk to and from school, play at break times, run around, play football etc and some even run the morning mile in them!...So they need a hard wearing shoe to try and withstand this type of use. Of course, there is only so much the toughest of school shoes can take and we must remember that no shoe is indestructible, as much as we'd love them to be! Our main school brands are Ricosta, Start-Rite, Petasil, Geox and Noel.

The best time for buying school shoes is during the summer holidays. Most of our range arrives during July and so we'd say the best time for you to get fitted and fixed up is the first couple of weeks in August. It is one of our busiest times of the year and so of course this may mean longer waiting times, but we try to be as quick and efficient as possible without anyone feeling rushed. Summer is the best time for getting your school shoes as you get so much choice (if you don't leave it to the last minute!).

We do try to top up throughout the year and at certain times it's easier for us to re-stock. Of course, in between seasons is usually the most difficult time to order exactly what we want to offer you.

2020 will be our 15th 'Back To School' season for Jump and every year we love to meet new customers and catch up with our lovely regulars.





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