All different kinds of feet and measuring them...


Each shoe feels different for our feet and it's just a matter of getting used to this. We know this as adults. Children's shoes are not made of anything special or different to adult’s footwear, but they are structured to support growing feet and may have an additional rubber bumper! 

 At Jump, we see all different types of feet...narrow feet, wide feet, flat feet, deep feet, different sized feet (very common) high arches, long toes...the list goes on! We will do our very best to find the right shoe for your child. 

​The Society of Shoe Fitters say...

​"A fitting gauge is merely a guide. Fitting gauges all vary in calibration – no two gauges will measure the same. Sizes and fittings vary dependent on style, country of origin, manufacturer etc. There is no standardization of shoe sizing in the UK that is why a qualified shoe fitter is so important to interpret the correct shoe for the shape of the foot. "

 Wearing new shoes in

​With any new pair of shoes we strongly advise that they be worn in gradually in order for our feet to get used to them. 

The Society of Shoe Fitters say...

​"Back-to-School time is known as blister season because it is often still warm and active feet get hot and sweaty.  When they go back to school in new shoes there is a possibility of rubbing.  Only let them wear their shoes with socks on.  Let them wear their new shoes indoors at home for short periods prior to wearing all day at school.

Back to school means wearing properly constructed footwear. If your child has been in flip flops, sandals, trainers etc. their feet will have become a little flaccid and spread. Going back to ‘constructed footwear’ which they would need to wear all day, may mean they rub in places (sometime around the heel). There may be nothing wrong with the shoes or fit, simply the nature of the beast. We recommend your child wear their new shoes indoors with socks on, in short bursts, until they have to be worn at school all day. "

Wear and tear

Just like no two feet are the same, not two children are the same, so naturally the way they wear two separate pairs of the same shoe, will be different. 

Shoe manufacturers do bare this in mind, as do we when we are choosing the for each season. We carry a wide selection and try to suggest certain styles, for what they will be used for. Bumper toes are much more widely available now with a variety of brands...and prove very popular!  

 We must remember that no shoe is indestructible, as much as we'd love them to be!